The Nursery

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The Nursery becomes livable - August 22

With all the furniture and other items Mommy & Daddy have received  and/or purchased, it now actually looks like some one could live in the room.  Here are some pictures taken today.  Daddy put the dresser together Friday night and found that they had neglected to include drawer handles.


The Nursery as it was - August 2000

Daddy unearthed these pictures of the nursery as it used to be.  These were taken shortly after Mommy & Daddy moved in in 2000. Nearly everything in Daddy's office (on the left) went into Mommy's room, on the right, except for the recliner (this was thrown out long ago and replaced with a much better chair - Daddy's super-chair, with the refrigerator, phone, and massager, which is now downstairs in the living room), and one set of bookshelves, which is in the living room.


New Nursery pictures - August 15

These pictures show how the nursery has changed since the last set of pictures was taken in June.


We just painted the nursery - June 13

Daddy moved out of his den to make way for me.

They painted the ceiling sky blue and the walls a pale green.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Click the thumbnail to see the full images.

The theme is "Sunny Day."  The blue ceiling will eventually have clouds painted on it, and the green walls will have garden scenes, with caterpillars, butterflies, frogs, etc.