May 2005

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May 2005


My godparents Vasavi, Charath, and Abhiravi have come to visit me from India!  I went to visit them when I was still inside Mommy.



My Dedication Ceremony

Mommy & Daddy and my godparents all traveled down to San Bernardino for my dedication ceremony, what in other circumstances might be called a baptism.  It was performed by Mommy's childhood friend, the Rev. Ishmal Bartley.  It was very nice.  Afterwards we went to Aunt Bill's house for lunch in the back yard.

Grandpa Coughlin

Grandma Powell

Me and Abhiravi

Rev. Ish speaks


A lot of nice people came to my dedication.



Now I can stand up and peek over the side of my portacrib.




Vaz, Charath, & Abhiravi went to Disneyland this weekend.  We went along with them for one day.

The park has been done up nicely for the 50th anniversary.


Mommy & I make a cute couple.


I liked the Dumbo ride.


Daddy was really bummed out that Space Mountain was still closed for renovation.


Daddy bought me my very own set of Mickey ears.  Although I'm still not sure who this Mickey fellow is...


I asked Mr. Toad to be my friend but he didn't have much to say.

With Mommy and my godmother Vasavi in front of the Matterhorn.



Hanging out with Grandpa Powell



We went to visit Great-Grandma and Grandpa Roll