December 2004

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This was a busy month for me!

To start off, Mommy's birthday is December 2, and she turned 31 this year.  Mommy is really old!

Great-grandma Roll (Mommy's mommy's mommy) turned 80(!) on December 5.  She took her 8 kids to Disneyland for lunch at Club 33.  Also, Grandma & Grandpa Coughlin came over to see Grandma & Grandpa Powell at their house while they were down in Orange County for Great-Grandma's birthday to celebrate Mommy's birthday.  So many birthdays, and my own 0th birthday less than 3 months ago!

Daddy has already put up pictures of our trip to Disneyland on his web site.  You can find them here, along with pictures from when all my grandparents came together for Mommy's birthday.



Napping with Daddy



Today Mommy & Daddy and I went to see Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose.  There are a lot of Christmas displays to see.  We went with our friends the Slades.


1.  A look around Cesar Chavez Park in San Jose where Christmas in the Park is held.



1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1-4.  Hanging out on my changing table.

5.  I like my new booster seat!  I can sit up in it all by myself.


Christmas 2004